David Johnson david at
Thu Aug 30 22:38:04 UTC 2001

On Thursday 30 August 2001 07:09 am, Abe Kornelis wrote:

> I have a macro library that I would release
> under an open source license. I want everyone
> to be able to use and/or enhance the macros
> in the library freely. BUT: I don't want
> commercial software packages to use my macros
> without payment (dual license offering).

A dual license with the GPL or QPL and a commercial license would meet your 

> Would this be regarded as contamination?

No it would not. The OSI definition says "The license must not place 
restrictions on other software that is _distributed along with_ the licensed 
software." [emphasis mine]. Therefore so long as the license only 
"contaminates" itself and derivative works, there would be no problem.

David Johnson
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