W3C license

Matthew C. Weigel weigel+ at pitt.edu
Thu Aug 30 20:59:38 UTC 2001

Why is this license
(http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/ipr-notice-20000612) not listed on
the OSI list of approved licenses

Actions the W3C would apparently like to take - including hosting Amaya
on sourceforge.net - depend upon this approval, which has been pending
for over a year.

Although I have no stake in this license, it seems it should be a
higher priority and easier decision than some of the other licenses
recently approved, since they actually need the approval to continue
with some of their plans.
 Matthew Weigel
 Research Systems Programmer
 mcweigel at cs.cmu.edu ne weigel at pitt.edu

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