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Thu Aug 30 14:09:49 UTC 2001

Hello all,

I have a question regarding contamination.
English is not my native language, I'm trying 
to avoid misunderstanding the OSI concepts.

I have a macro library that I would release
under an open source license. I want everyone
to be able to use and/or enhance the macros
in the library freely. BUT: I don't want 
commercial software packages to use my macros
without payment (dual license offering).

To make a paid license more attractive the
open source license I will use must contain a
clause to the effect that any software using
my macro library - or part of it - in any way
MUST be licensed under the same conditions
(as the macro library i.e.)

Would this be regarded as contamination?
It would still be possible to distribute 
the macro library with other software without
contaminating the other software - you cannot
call a macro. However, if the software created
with the help of my macro library is being 
called, then contamination *will* occur.
At least, as I currently understand the concept
of contamination. Am I right? If so, does anyone
have a suggestion how to solve the problem.

I really dont want large, rich, companies 
to save large sums of money on maintenance
without paying me for the effort I made to 
create the macro library (over half a year 
of full-time labor went into it...)

Regards, and thanks in advance, Abe.
Abe F. Kornelis, B.V. Bixoft
Het Jaagpad 63, 3461 HA Linschoten
The Netherlands
phone: +31-6-22755401

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