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Chris Gray chris.gray at
Wed Aug 29 08:59:56 UTC 2001

Daniel MD wrote:

> Hello again,
> If i release a program code, under Public Domain, can others make it
> private domain ?

Briefly: yes.  <URL:>

> Let's say i release the code of a Java game, under Public Domain, basically
> i'm giving the source code to the world, right ? Or can let's say CompanyB,
> oh public domain that's nice, let me change a couple of names, modify some
> sprites, re-skin this code, and off you go with a $19.99 price TAG to
> shelves of a MegaStore?

IANAL, but let's say that by declaring your game to be PD  you've made it hard

for yourself if you want to stop them doing that,



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