approved licenses web page not being updated

Russell Nelson nelson at
Wed Aug 1 15:43:38 UTC 2001

Matthew C. Weigel writes:
 > At this point, I think the OSI needs to apologize to the wider
 > community for wasting everyone's time, say that the FSF adequately
 > represents the community, and dissolve.  The FSF may not handle things
 > to everyone's satisfaction, but at least they handle things, and LISTEN
 > to the community while doing so.

You have never sent email to osi at  It's hard to listen
to people who never speak.

 > To answer your question, I would assume that George Hunka
 > (webmaster at has the ability to make changes.

George has moved on.  I assume that you are volunteering (since you
obviously have the time to complain).  I'll email you the necessary
passwords and login information off-list.  Any further complaints
about web pages not being updated may be sent to Matthew.

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