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Matthew C. Weigel weigel+ at
Wed Aug 1 17:39:42 UTC 2001

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Russell Nelson wrote:

> Matthew C. Weigel writes:
>  > At this point, I think the OSI needs to apologize to the wider
>  > community for wasting everyone's time, say that the FSF adequately
>  > represents the community, and dissolve.  The FSF may not handle things
>  > to everyone's satisfaction, but at least they handle things, and LISTEN
>  > to the community while doing so.
> You have never sent email to osi at  It's hard to listen
> to people who never speak.

I notice that you are listening now.  If now, why not before[1] when
this topic came up?

>  > To answer your question, I would assume that George Hunka
>  > (webmaster at has the ability to make changes.
> George has moved on.  I assume that you are volunteering (since you
> obviously have the time to complain).  I'll email you the necessary
> passwords and login information off-list.  Any further complaints
> about web pages not being updated may be sent to Matthew.

Just out of curiosity, had George already "moved on" the last time I
mentioned his name on the list, June 26 [2]?  Did he move on only in
the last week or two, which might explain why no public request for a
new webmaster has been made?

And, obviously you didn't understand what I said: I think the OSI
should apologize for wasting everyone's time, and disband.  "And yet,
no matter how hard it is for them, they still manage to update the list
with licenses that never saw the light of day on the list." It is not
just the webmaster not updating the license list online, it is
approving licenses that license-discuss never saw, and not approving
licenses without discussion on license-discuss.  It is my opinion that
keeping the online list up-to-date might help encourage the OSI to keep
everything above board, but for that to matter, the OSI has to matter. 
And I don't think it does, anymore.

If you still want me to handle the website, I'll do it.  It will be
with some sadness that I draft the apology to the community, though.

 Matthew Weigel
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