approved licenses web page not being updated

Joseph M. Reagle Jr. reagle at
Wed Aug 1 14:57:03 UTC 2001

At 20:25 7/30/2001, David Wallace Croft wrote:
>"SamBC" mentioned in March that the approved licenses web page was not 
>being updated.  Does anyone know who has the ability to make these updates 
>and what is going on?

Yes, I'm still hoping the W3C license get's listed eventually, it's been 20 
months since our request [1]! Unfortunately, that Web page is being used as 
a normative list of Open Source licenses by others, and if it isn't being 
updated, it should have a corresponding status.

This (non-normative) list is not an exclusive enumeration of licenses that 
satisfy the OSI definition; it is infrequently updated. It is inappropriate 
to use this as a reference or to cite as anything other than as "work in 

If I need to convince someone (for instance, if we want to host a project on 
SourceForge) of the merits of our license, I hope they know/trust the W3C 
(our license is older than most on the OSI list) or I refer them to the FSF 
[2] where we are listed as a GPL compatible Free license.


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