Stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop

Russell Nelson nelson at
Thu Apr 15 13:58:23 UTC 1999

Derek Balling writes:
 > Possible reasons for people unsubscribing:
 > 1.) The list name, "license-discuss" is ambiguous. Perhaps "license-review" 
 > would have been more in line with your intent.

Perhaps so.

 > 2.) I cannot find an online charter for the list, so checking to see if a 
 > topic is on/off-topic for the formal charter is impossible near as I can tell.

The announcement for the list had the charter.

 > 3.) "Got it? Shut up."  Nice attitude. Is that the official position of 
 > OSI,  to be completely utterly rude?

First I said "squash, squash".  Discussion continued.

Next I put a filter on that Subject line, asking people if they were
sure that their posting belonged on the list.  Discussion continued.

Who has the attitude?

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