Stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop

Derek Balling dredd at
Thu Apr 15 14:05:25 UTC 1999

At 01:58 PM 4/15/99 +0000, Russell Nelson wrote:
> > 2.) I cannot find an online charter for the list, so checking to see if a
> > topic is on/off-topic for the formal charter is impossible near as I 
> can tell.
>The announcement for the list had the charter.

The announcement? What announcement? If you mean the "public" announcement 
where you told people to sign up, remember that yours may not have been the 
sole link to it. (It was mentioned on Slashdot as well).

The /. description had copy that read "we will establish an open mailing 
list where such proposed licenses may be discussed". This may seem utterly 
clear to you, but I at least would have interpreted "setting guidelines to 
evaluate the proposed licenses" as being part of that charter. Other 
peoples' mileage may vary, but enough people participated in the discussion 
that I don't think I was the only one who believed that.

> > 3.) "Got it? Shut up."  Nice attitude. Is that the official position of
> > OSI,  to be completely utterly rude?
>First I said "squash, squash".  Discussion continued.
>Next I put a filter on that Subject line, asking people if they were
>sure that their posting belonged on the list.  Discussion continued.
>Who has the attitude?

If you go back, I asked for a clarification as to what you were squashing, 
because the message which elicited your opinion had two threads running in 
it, one which was VERY widely off-topic and acknowledged as such, and the 
"guidelines" thread which I didn't think was off-topic. You never responded.


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