[License-review] Approval: Server Side Public License, Version 2 (SSPL v2)

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Tue Jan 29 01:07:17 UTC 2019


On Mon, Jan 28, 2019, at 1:29 PM, Eliot Horowitz via License-review wrote:> 
> Many people have speculated that we changed our license to drive
> commercial license sales. However, our business is focused on selling
> our hosted cloud offering, MongoDB Atlas, and subscription packages
> that include proprietary software that supports the use of our
> database, such as MongoDB Ops Manager. We do not view commercial
> licensing of the core MongoDB database server alone to be a primary
> business driver, nor are we trying to make it one via this license. As
> I’ve written before, the aim of the SSPL is to provide a copyleft
> license that incentivizes and protects innovative open source software
> from the threat of ‘SaaS-capture’ by large cloud vendors.
So this is it, thanks to driving this to the point.
You have a proprietary solution (MongoDB Atlas), but you want to
use your SSPL license to prohibit competitors from proposing a
similar solution.You want to label your license "OpenSource", but the driving force
behind thislicenseis NOT promotes software freedoms, but to act as an entry barrier for
other players. This is ablatant hypocrisy in my dictionary.

I want to re-iterate one more time:
- You have created the proprietary software MongoDB Atlas (which is
  Cloud based SaaS to manage MongoDB)- You want to prohibit big cloud providers from doing the same (creating
  Cloud SaaS to manage MongoDB)- To achieve this you changed the MongoDB license from AGPLv3 to SSPL
- This really creates an entry barrier for anybody to provide managed
  SaaS for MongoDB- You still want to name SSPL as OpenSource license because it paints
  MongoDB as OpenSource-friendly company, which what really drove
  developers to MongoDB before.
The SSPL license here is to serve only one purpose - to prohibit others
from doing what you are doing yourselves.
If you have any level of respect to OSI Board members, who act on on 
volunteering basis, the right thing would be to withdraw your
As the copyright holder, you can apply any license you want to your
software, but SSPL is NOT OpenSource license.
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