[License-discuss] Language, appropriateness, and ideas

VanL van.lindberg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 00:45:06 UTC 2020

Hi Russell,

Strong opinions can be expressed without sharp language.  That doesn't mean
that we don't have strong opinions, or that we don't try to express them as
cogently and persuasively as we can. My point - or at least one of my
points - is that sharp language is usually less effective in being
persuasive and cogent.

Further, if we really believe in the importance of ideas, and the
importance of speech to express those ideas, even ones we disagree with, we
should act in a fashion that allows us the broadest exposure to those
different ideas. Sharp language results in "de-platforming" of those who
would express an otherwise radical idea.

In short, being kind doesn't require agreement. But it does encourage more
ideas and better debate.

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