[License-discuss] MIT-Clone: Copyright notice

Lukas Atkinson opensource at lukasatkinson.de
Fri Feb 14 12:13:26 UTC 2020

> Yet, this cannot be fixed because the license prohibits it.

While the MIT license stipulates that “the above copyright notice” shall be
included, I see nothing that prevents the copyright notice from being
amended to list additional copyright holders. It seems to be common
practice to add another line below the original notice.

It is my (amateur) understanding that copyright notices have very little
use nowadays since copyright is automatic – it does not have to be asserted
explicitly. So getting rid* of copyright notices would not be fatal. But
their remaining use is non-zero, e.g. if jurisdictions have laws against
falsification of copyright notices or tie some aspects of copyright
enforceability to the existence of a notice. A license that actively
discourages copyright notices would be questionable.

* with “getting rid” in the sense of “not writing new notices”. Existing
notices must be kept.
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