Question about a license

Daniil Kulchenko dkulchenko at
Tue Jun 3 22:31:02 UTC 2008

Are you listening? It does not matter what you bold or not, you cannot
do what you want to do and call it open source. If you don't
understand what open source means, go read a book on it, or look
through the Internet, then come back when you TRULY understand what
open source means. YOU CAN NOT DO THAT!


P.S. Sorry if I'm being mean, but after 2 people have explained it, it
should be fairly clear that what you are doing will never be called
open source, unless you change your expectations.

On 6/1/08, Диян Минчев <cygnusx at> wrote:
>  Let's say i'm writing open source application and want to restrict other
> people to distribute the application if they have made some changes to it.I
> mean i want to allow people to make changes but only for their own use.I've
> searched for such license but didn't find any.Like i said i don't want to
> restrict further distribution of my application,i only want to restrict
> distribution if the user that use it make some changes,i mean adding some
> features that he/she needs,remove features or change already existing
> features...That's it.Can you help me with this?
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> търси двойници!

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