Question about a license

John Cowan cowan at
Tue Jun 3 20:49:15 UTC 2008

Ð?иÑ?н Ð?инÑ?ев scripsit:
> Let's say i'm writing open source application and want to restrict other 
> people to distribute the application  if they have made some changes to 
> it. I mean i want to allow people to make changes  but only for their own 
> use .I've searched for such license but didn't find any.

You won't find any.  Such a license violates clause #3 of the Open
Source Definition:

	The license must allow modifications and derived works, and must
	allow them to be distributed under the same terms as the license
	of the original software.

What you want is too restrictive to be called "open source".

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