Release comercial application's sources as GPL but with rest r iction in usage

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Tue Feb 15 20:20:28 UTC 2005

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> Subject: RE: Release comercial application's sources as GPL 
> but with restr iction in usage
> To be clear, this is true regarding the release of the 
> initial codebase.  
> As modifications of the source code are added to the initial 
> codebase, the original copyright holder may find s/he is 
> bound by copyleft in the same way as others unless 
> contributors assign (transfer) copyright interests to the 
> original copyright holder (when applicable).

Assuming that the original copyright holder accepts changes from others,
then yes.  I think the only way to use the dual licensing model as the basis
for a commercial enterprise is for the original copyright holder to NOT
accept contributions from others, thus avoiding the problem you note.

--- David

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