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Alex Bligh alex at
Sun Feb 13 19:10:11 UTC 2005

--On 13 February 2005 09:20 -0500 James McGovern <james at> 

> Been busy making the case at work to take some inhouse code we have
> written and open source it but would like to place the following
> constraints on it.
> 1. You may use the software in any system that you do not sell for no
> cost.
> 2. If it is incorporated into software that is sold, then you must
> implement 100% of the ideas contained within it if written in another
> language or if the same language, you cannot remove functionality.
> 3. It is free to use in any context for the industry vertical it targets
> but if modified to support other verticals then a royalty should be paid.

Assuming (1) has precedence over (3), you could consider achieving this by
dual licensing. License the code under the GPL to achieve something like
(1) [note the GPL does not prevent people for charging for software so long
as they also provide the source etc. for free - in practice this may limit
what they charge if they are to make many sales]. Write a commercial
license to achieve (2) and (3), and charge nothing or a very small amount
for it in the circumstance of (3) that applies.


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