Request for advice on license drafting

Alvin Oga alvin at
Tue Feb 8 03:16:28 UTC 2005

hi ya

On Tue, 8 Feb 2005, chris yoo wrote:

> Thank you very much for your reply. 
> > They can not be released from source code distribution.  Anyone who
> > redistributes software must use the same license, under Def. 7.  No rights
> > can be removed for the redistributed license.  
> I disagree.

nothing to disagree ?? ( i think its 2 different animals )

one license requires that the derivatives can be distributed with the 
same license terms you received ...

bsd-style license allows you a whole other list of rights to do as one

i keep wondering .. why don't people talk to a GPL-competent lawyer
and have them draw up the license ... 

although one can write up one's own license and but i;m not sure 
about other people use the original author's license on other works

	- where is the gray line of "practicing law" without a license,
	if you'd pardon the punn, start to come in before it is not 
	long a license for ones own products vs generally used by othes
	for unrelated stuff

c ya

> My understanding was that many open source licences (e.g.
> Free BSD, Apache) allowed for the re-distribution or sublicensing of
> software under different terms to the license under which the software
> was originally distributed. In fact, some allow you to re-distribute
> the software under a proprietary license.

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