Request for advice on license drafting

chris yoo yoo.chris at
Tue Feb 8 03:03:18 UTC 2005

Thank you very much for your reply. 

> They can not be released from source code distribution.  Anyone who
> redistributes software must use the same license, under Def. 7.  No rights
> can be removed for the redistributed license.  

I disagree. My understanding was that many open source licences (e.g.
Free BSD, Apache) allowed for the re-distribution or sublicensing of
software under different terms to the license under which the software
was originally distributed. In fact, some allow you to re-distribute
the software under a proprietary license.

> Since one of the original
> rights was source code, the redistributor must include source code.  

Definition 2 requires the program to include source code, and allow
distribution of source code. As the original licensor under the
proposed license, I would both include source code and allow it's
distribution under the same terms as the original license. However, I
do not think that the OSD makes it mandatory that redistributors to
include source code.

> There
> can be no loop holes.

I do not seek to include loop holes in my proposed licence - merely a
flexible manner in which licensor can be reciprocated by users of the
software for licensor's time/effort/money invested in the original
software. Reciprocation being either by the licensee's time/effort by
giving back modifications to the licensor, OR money by agreeing to pay
for the right to not give back modifications.

Thank you again for your interest. 


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