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Wed Oct 30 04:50:56 UTC 2002

On Tuesday 29 October 2002 08:14 pm, osi_curious at wrote:

> Okay, maybe that is the question that I should be asking: can I limit
> further development to only non-proprietary development tools?

Let me rephrase this for you, and see if I'm close: you want to prevent the 
software from being dependent on proprietary software, including proprietary 
operating systems and their components?

If so, then this is like the GPL without the system software clause. Win32 
versions would have to use an open source cross-platform toolkit, or stick 
with standard interfaces. A license like this could certainly be Open Source, 
but it would have practical problems, since you would be denying certain 
developers the right to use standard components they may be used to.

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