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Wed Oct 30 04:14:55 UTC 2002

> The same answer applies. A provision that would block Win32 extensions
> also block Linux, BSD, OSX, Solaris, GNU and other extensions.

The scenario that I am trying to prevent is this:

I author a piece of software which functions in Linux, MacOS, and Win32.  I
write it in Python, using wxPython for the GUI.  This is entirely
hypothetical - I picked that combination because I know that both packages
are cross-platform.  I don't care that someone morphs my program beyond all
recognition.  However, I would prefer that all versions be intrinsically
capable of possessing the same feature-set.

I guess I am asking whether I can require that all development tools be
cross-platform.  I am trying to avoid the situation wherein the Win32
version (or any other version) contains features (due to the use of
proprietary development tools) that are precluded from existing in other
versions.  Or, if not precluded, for practical reasons are impossible to

Okay, maybe that is the question that I should be asking: can I limit
further development to only non-proprietary development tools?

If the answer is no, I will gracefully retire my question and stop flogging
this apparently dead horse.



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