Revised versions of the OSL and AFL

Bruce Dodson bruce_dodson at
Thu Oct 24 01:01:47 UTC 2002

I like the revised AFL.  It's getting to the point where I may even use it.

I have just one concern, and that is with the warranty of copyright which
appears in both of these licenses.  I think there must be a better way to
achieve that - it smells like a cludge to me - but since I'm not a lawyer I
won't venture any ideas.

It would be very helpful for me (and I assume for some others) to see some
public discussion of how / whether this warranty would work in practice.

If a discussion like that happens here, I promise to stay out of it!


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> New versions of the Open Software License (OSL) and the Academic Free
> License (AFL) are now available for your review.  They are posted at:
> Both licenses now contain an Attribution Rights provision.
> Other minor changes have been made to clarify the language and to make
> the licenses (a little) easier to read.
> /Larry Rosen
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