Squeak License OSD-compliance

Zooko zooko at zooko.com
Wed Feb 27 22:12:45 UTC 2002


> As far as basic GPL compatibility goes as in "combine with GPL'ed code and
> redistribute", I don't see any problems with the current Squeak License.
> However, I see problems in accepting GPL'ed code in the base distribution
> because of the viral effects - that was what I was thinking of. 

This sounds normal to me.  Python, for example, comes under a GPL-compatible 
license (as of June 2001).  The interpreter is under the Python license (which 
has "can combine with proprietary code and redistribute: YES").  There are some 
optional modules in the standard library which use GPL'ed such as libreadline.  
Therefore if you want to integrate the Python interpreter into your proprietary, 
redistributed application (such as is done in several commercial games), you 
must not use any of the optional modules which are GPL'ed.

I see no reason in principle why the same solution wouldn't work for Squeak.



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