Updated license from Edustructures

Steve Setzer Ssetzer at planetsoftware.com
Tue Feb 12 19:42:12 UTC 2002

[ Please discuss this license.  -russ ]

Hi, folks, Steve Setzer at Edustructures again. We've made some updates
to our License Notice and the Edustructures Open Source License and we
think we're ready to try again.

Here's the deal:
1) User has choice of Edustructures Open Source License (v1.1) or GPL
2) We've changed the name of the combined license notice to "OpenSIF
Licensing Notice" because it applies to a collection of programs known
as OpenSIF, which Edustructures now owns and will maintain as an open
source project separate from the company's other projects
3) The Edustructures Open Source License itself is the Jabber license
with the following changes:
	* names changed to "Edustructures" instead of Jabber
	* court location changed to Utah law and Salt Lake County
	* definition of "Notice" moved out of license so the Notice can
cover both licenses
	* new definition: "Error Correction"--ordinary bug fix, licensee
is required to place "Error Corrections" under the EOSL
	* change: "Modification"--licensee is NOT required to
open-source Modifications that are not "Error Corrections"

Basically, what we've tried to do is move the license more towards a BSD
concept, where licensees can keep their improvements proprietary.
However, we want pure bug fixes that aren't enhancements released back
to the community.

Please let us know if there are problems or if this can be sustained as
qualifying for the Open Source Definition.

Oh, and per Karsten, I submitted this one in text form. If/when the
approval process is done, I will generate a new HTML version conforming
to OSD's requirements and submit that for the OSD web site.


Steve Setzer

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