Advertising Clauses in Licenses

Russell Nelson nelson at
Mon Feb 11 04:35:15 UTC 2002

Steve Mallett writes:
 > On February 9, 2002 04:50 pm, Bruce Perens wrote:
 > > I'd be happy to write the first draft and coordinate comments and changes
 > > to it. Of course it would be a group project as I'd need to consult lots of
 > > people - attorneys, community leaders, a discussion list, etc.


 > > I suspect that some of the things I am worried about fail the current OSD
 > > under "use" restrictions, but not as explicitly as I'd like.

There is much in the OSD which is insufficiently explicit.  For
example, we have maintained that there are no possible restrictions
a license could put on users, because there is no possible mechanism
one could use to constraint them, because no approved license can
require that the user execute a license (OSD#7).

 > It frightens me that no one has (on the list) bothered to ask what the 
 > additions might address.  Bruce?

Bruce isn't an idiot.  He wouldn't propose additions we wouldn't be
likely to accept.

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