Advertising Clauses in Licenses

Steve Mallett steve at
Sun Feb 10 12:09:04 UTC 2002

On February 9, 2002 04:50 pm, Bruce Perens wrote:
> From: Russell Nelson <nelson at>
> Bruce Perens writes:
>  > I think there needs to be language added to the OSD, protecting
>  > the user and developer from odd burdens that the licensor wishes to
>  > impose upon them.
> Russ Nelson:
> > Are you volunteering to write this language yourself, or volunteering
> > someone else?
> I'd be happy to write the first draft and coordinate comments and changes
> to it. Of course it would be a group project as I'd need to consult lots of
> people - attorneys, community leaders, a discussion list, etc.
> I suspect that some of the things I am worried about fail the current OSD
> under "use" restrictions, but not as explicitly as I'd like.

It frightens me that no one has (on the list) bothered to ask what the 
additions might address.  Bruce?

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