The Simple Permissive License, v0.1

Mikko Valimaki mikko.valimaki at
Sat Feb 9 18:50:17 UTC 2002

> > You don't need to say anything about things that are default in 
> > copyright law. It is default that author's 'moral rights' including 
> > the copyright notice may not be removed unless the work is 
> > substantially modified.
> So, if the work is substantially modified, the copyright 
> notice can be removed?  In that case I think I'd want 
> something to keep my name on it as the original author, 
> despite substantial modification -- maybe with a pointer to 
> where the product can be found without substantial modification.

I meant basically that copyright law implies that removing the original
author's name from modifications is unlawful. However, if the work is
modified so much that one cannot say it is the same work anymore -- in
the sense of copyright law -- one can remove original author's name. Of
course, it is hard to judge when a work is modified enough to become a
completely different work. 

So once again: if the modified work is just a derivative, it is unlawful
to remove the original author's name. On the other hand, if the modified
work is a completely different work, then a term that says "all
modifications must include author's name" does not apply and is hence


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