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I.R.Maturana irm at
Thu Feb 7 01:09:54 UTC 2002

My name is I.R.Maturana, software translator (EN > [ES <> FR])
(English is my 3d language :-)
I am studying the possibility to submit a license to OSI
approval: the Public License of Translation (PLT, PLoT, or
LPT in French or Spanish).

First to proceed with an "official" request, I would ask
members for some advice about the correctness of my request.

The PLT is based on "translatable works".
Translatable works include software and software manuals,
but also non-software works, such as Web sites and other
works which are commonly published on Internet.
All of them are translatable works.

Beyond the specific case of software licenses, the PLT
will focus on the relationship between the author and
translators of the work: right of versioning, equality
of commercial rights on their respective versions,
Internet visibility, and free access to the translated work.


First to proceed, the main question is:

Can we rephrase the 9 points of the OSD by replacing the
word "software" with the more generic assumption
"translatable work", and submit a license based on this
assumption for approval?

Based on this assumption, the 9 points of the OSD published
on your site are agreed by the PLT as follow:

1. Free Redistribution
   - Free Translation and Publication. Equality of rights
     of Author and Translator on their respectives versions
     of the work. Free, non restricted Internet publication
     is mandatory.

2. Source Code
   - Translatable source and translated versions

3. Derived Works
   - (no changes : translation implies derivation)

4. Integrity of The Author's Source Code
   - Integrity of the source and translated version

5. No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups
   - No Discrimination Against Persons, Groups or Languages

6. No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor
   - (no changes)

7. Distribution of License
  (no need for execution of an additional license)
   - (no changes)

8. License Must Not Be Specific to a Product
   - License Must Not Be Specific to a Translatable Work

9. The License Must Not Restrict Other Software
   - The License Must Not Restrict Other Translatable Work


If your advice is that these 9 points do not conflict with
the OSD, and that OSD may welcome a translation licence,
I would want to work to prepare and submit a request for

I am working on this license since 1999.
You can read the English version on my site:
(This is my English version :-)

Other versions (with a better style), are in
and Spanish:

Thanks for your attention and for any advice.

Regards - I.R.Maturana

Un saludo cordial
Ignacio Robredo Maturana mailto:irm at
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