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Yale Wu yanjunwu at
Thu Dec 19 22:40:45 UTC 2002

thanks a lot.
But I cannot find author's contact info in most of the licenses.
Till now, there are total 38 licenses listed in
Shall I contact authors of licenses one by one ?
I'll be sure to do this if I have to.
But I'm afraid it would take a long period for me to get all the replies.
I really have no ideas about this and I also want to offer my work in 
convenient way to others who need it .

> OSI has no rights to give permissions for works
> copyrighted by other people... You need to contact the
> authors of the licenses for permission.
> The website of the Intellectual Property Office of the
> Ministry of the Economic Affairs may be useful, as it
> contains copyright laws and related information:
> --- Yale Wu <yanjunwu at> wrote:
> > 	I have finished translations for all the licenses
> > that
> > have been proved by OSI. Now I want to publish them
> > as a license manual.
> > ( many people in my country need it especiall when
> > english is hard for them.)
> > All the original resources are from
> >
> > I know translation is a kind of derivative work.
> > So Could anyone tell me what I should do if I
> > publish the translations?
> > Must I contact OSI and all the authors of the
> > licenses for permission?
> > Of course I should place a copyright notice for the
> > original work,
> > But I don't know what format I should use, could
> > anyone give me advices?
> > 
> > Yale Wu
> > Dec 19, 2002
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