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Andy Tai lichengtai at
Thu Dec 19 06:21:09 UTC 2002

OSI has no rights to give permissions for works
copyrighted by other people... You need to contact the
authors of the licenses for permission.

The website of the Intellectual Property Office of the
Ministry of the Economic Affairs may be useful, as it
contains copyright laws and related information:

--- Yale Wu <yanjunwu at> wrote:

> 	I have finished translations for all the licenses
> that
> have been proved by OSI. Now I want to publish them
> as a license manual.
> ( many people in my country need it especiall when
> english is hard for them.)
> All the original resources are from
> I know translation is a kind of derivative work.
> So Could anyone tell me what I should do if I
> publish the translations?
> Must I contact OSI and all the authors of the
> licenses for permission?
> Of course I should place a copyright notice for the
> original work,
> But I don't know what format I should use, could
> anyone give me advices?
> Yale Wu
> Dec 19, 2002
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