Accusations, accusations, always accusations

Csaba Szigetvari csaba.szigetvari at
Tue Oct 26 10:15:28 UTC 1999

---We got almost there, then Linus Torvalds added the missing piece 
---and finished the job.  So we did succeed, although many others 

This thread seems to be about giving credit to the GNU effort, while the
above statement suggest that Linus' contribution was just a snap or some
strike of luck. Is it really necessary to play down some one else's
contribution to justify the GNU/Linux name?

---GNU as an operating system
---is a success under the the name "Linux".

If GNU is an operating system, why do we have to call it GNU/Linux? Why
not just GNU? Based on your arguments that would be more appropriate.

---Csaba Szigetvári

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