Accusations, accusations, always accusations

Richard Stallman rms at
Mon Oct 25 21:03:03 UTC 1999

    Yes, the GNU Project set out to develop an operating system.

    It has, so far, failed to do so.

We got almost there, then Linus Torvalds added the missing piece and
finished the job.  So we did succeed, although many others helped.

      (Though the HURD is finally coming
    together, from what I hear.

The HURD (plus Mach) is a kernel, like Linux.  It runs, but it is not
really usable yet.  I hope that the HURD will eventually be a useful
piece of software, and that its advanced architecture will provide
benefits.  But the kernel is not so specially important; whether or
not the GNU kernel becomes a success, GNU as an operating system
is a success under the the name "Linux".

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