Accusations, accusations, always accusations

Csaba Szigetvari csaba.szigetvari at
Mon Oct 25 10:12:12 UTC 1999

---If Linus
---had not existed, we would eventually have provided a kernel.  If we
---had not existed, Linus would not have provided the rest of the 
---system, because but it was not his goal to produce one.

It's impossible to tell what would had happen if Linus had not existed.
It is also impossible to tell what Linus would have done 
in a world without Richard Stallman. 

During the last 10 years there have been a lot initiatives for creating
free operating systems - GNU, Linux (or GNU/Linux), BSD are but a few of
them. Even Dennis Ritchie is creating a system on his own. There's a lot
of interest in creating and using free operating systems and this
interest wasn't created by Richard Stallman or Linus Torvalds - it was
there already, because it makes sense to have something like this. Most
of the alternatives do never get much attention, do not succeed in
building up a community or just die because other free systems have
become available and provide the results that are needed.

My point is: if Linus or the GNU system would have not existed, someone
else might have done it as well. This doesn't mean that creating an OS
is easy (it's not), but I have a hard time to believe that without Linus
Torvalds and Richard Stallmann the world would be doomed.

---Csaba Szigetvári

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