Accusations, accusations, always accusations

Richard Stallman rms at
Sat Oct 23 10:20:24 UTC 1999

    So, I would claim that the GNU project will never get equal billing with

With all due respect, I think you have changed the subject.  You are
now making a prediction about what other people *will* do.  I don't
think it is useful to discuss what "other people will do" for a
question of right and wrong where each individual can decide what to

As a factual matter, some people do give us equal billing,
while many others do not.  But you (and each person reading this)
can make your own choice--you can do whichever you think is right,
no matter what any one else is doing.

I offer people reasons to persuade people why the name GNU/Linux is
the right thing; I hope they will agree, and decide to use it.

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