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Richard Stallman rms at
Sat Oct 23 16:10:45 UTC 1999

    AS far as I know, but that my be wrong:
    The seperation came first,
    then came the war,
    and while the war seemd to get expensive and would last longer than
    the north expected, Lincoln finaly mobilized the masses because of

The whole country was in a ferment about slavery for years before the
war started.  It was the issue that divided Congress, and the subject
of crucial Supreme Court decisions.

The motive for secession was specifically the intention in the South
to preserve slavery, because things did not appear to be favorable
for that as part of the US.

    Nope. I did not read something about that.
    Specific events in history are normaly tought/examined by the pupils for
    3 to 6 month, so also the civil/seperation war in the US.

I'm sure it was influence

    Further I'm shure that the victory writes the history.

In this case, apologists for the Confederacy have done a good job of
rewriting history afterward.  I expect their version influenced
what you read.

    I'm shure that history is mainly determined by economics.

That is a simplistic view.

Economics is the study of what people do when nothing more
important than money is at stake.

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