GNU License for Hardware

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Mon Oct 18 04:48:28 UTC 1999

> Well, to explain all the reasons, the political and economic
> circumstances
> would need about 30 pages ...
> I though you where an american and you knew that, are you not?
> Regards,
>  Angelo

Your education seems to lack the realization that any
telling of history is one of opinion and interpretation,
not a dissection or autopsy. History is not science.

Apparently, you have been given one interpretation of an
extremely complex period of American history and incorrectly
assumed it to be a statement of indisputable fact.

Secondly, wars do not occur for reasons easily summarized in one
email message, or even 30 pages.  Wars require individuals
willing to risk life.  The reasons individuals will risk
life are extremely varied, ranging from the practical
"it pays well" to percepted "well-being of my family" or
"well-being of society in which I and my family will live."

Every combatant will have a slightly different reason for
being a combatant, and have slightly different "rules of
acceptable engagement."  Any summary in an attempt to
explain an aggregate will of a group to war against another,
will be hopelessly approximate.

....Not that this has much to do with GNU license for hardware.


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