[openip] Re: GNU License for Hardware

Angelo Schneider angelo.schneider at xcc.de
Thu Oct 14 17:43:14 UTC 1999

Hi all,

Richard Stallman wrote:
>     I am looking for a GPL-like license, but it is intended for
>     collections of data resources, for the time being linguistic resources:
>       corpora, dictionnaries (as used by machines, not people), grammars
> I see no reason why the GPL could not be used.

to make it simple: 

The GPL is one of the licences which gives you actually the least
you can get from a free/open software.

It forces you to release all your stuff which is in someway combined 
with the GNU stuff as GPL, too.

Most people prefer 'free' software where the author states: "you can do
ever you want provided you leave this notice intact".

> If you think you see an obstacle, please describe it to me
> privately, and I will ask our lawyer if it is really a problem.

I will never release any software under the GPL. I'm considering
LGPL or other 'open' schemas.

In fact I prefer a community source licence, which enforces everyone,
who is earning money with my stuff, to fund me and allows every one, who
simply want to use it for non commercial purpose, to use it 'for free'.

I have not the finacial background to work years for free an than giving 
away my software for free. 

This is even true if I save some years by using GNU stuff.

----> No offence to GNU or RMS. 


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