GPL + advertising clause

Derek Balling dredd at
Wed Oct 13 03:58:20 UTC 1999

The seemingly obvious answer to this is: Because for as many hundreds of 
nice people there are in the world, there is a single dick which spoils it 
for everyone. The ratio of dicks to nice people is a variable that changes 
from time to time, but in today's business world, it seems to have 
increased more than most of us would like.

Most people will obey the request, but there's the one who won't and will 
screw it up for everyone else.


At 09:02 PM 10/12/99 +0000, bruce at wrote:
>interesting you should bring this up now. The University of California
>recently removed the advertising clause from the BSD license in order
>to make it GPL-compatible.
>Why not just use the GPL and politely request in a notice attached to it
>that you be acknowledged in advertising, packaging, web sites, whatever
>you want? Most people will do it. This is what I negociated with Digital
>Creations for the Zope license (see - they had a requirement for
>a web-site badge that became a request, and everybody carries the badge.
>If you do something similar while using the GPL, you will have a certified
>Open Source license immediately, without all the hassle of creating a new
>In general, people who produce and use free software are sensitive about
>author-attribution issues and will honor the author's wishes regarding them.
>         Thanks
>         Bruce

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