GPL + advertising clause

Brian Behlendorf brian at
Tue Oct 12 21:54:51 UTC 1999

On 12 Oct 1999 bruce at wrote:
> interesting you should bring this up now. The University of California
> recently removed the advertising clause from the BSD license in order
> to make it GPL-compatible.

Are you sure that was the reason?  Or was it that the clause was
unenforceable as they had not been enforcing it previously?

> Why not just use the GPL and politely request in a notice attached to it
> that you be acknowledged in advertising, packaging, web sites, whatever
> you want? Most people will do it. 

In the situation I was discussing a few days ago, this would almost
certainly not happen.  It's not the open source community that's the
concern, who I agree would most likely give credit where credit is due.
It's the downstream manufacturers of derivative software (and hardware
it's embedded into), who will follow the letter of the GPL by distributing
a CDROM with all the necessary bits, but otherwise will most likely do
everything possible to bury knowlege of the upstream project.  There's
unfortunately no way to really test the waters with this, either.


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