[CAVO] emergency - send letters to stop funding of " secret software voting - by 5 PM

Brent Turner brent at trealestate.net
Thu Apr 20 21:49:08 UTC 2017

Please help us fight against AB 668 funding 450 million dollars for "
secret software " voting systems in CA !! Send your letters by 5 PM today
to Ethan.Jones at asm.ca.gov and Lori.Barber at asm.ca.gov
Please accept this statement regarding AB 688

It is my position that the bill should not move forward in its current
form. It should be noted that although the language does not preclude open
source (coined “non-proprietary” ) voting system funding ,the fact the
wording does not plainly state funding for the development, certification
and deployment of specifically GPLv3 open source election systems raises
flags and triggers alarms. The language should specifically INCLUDE open
source voting systems, and exclude “ secret software “ voting systems. The
people of California, as well as the people of the United States and the
rest of the world, do not want corporations controlling the vote counting

Recent history until today shows an obvious resistance by government to
open source as proprietary, vendors, lobbyists and interests fight for
protection and retention of market share. With the current status of
Federal investigative conclusion regarding foreign interference with United
States elections, these efforts are now in direct conflict with national
security. Proprietary code, whether disclosed or not, has no place in
modern elections.

To state fund the current vendors, with criminal backgrounds and documented
conduct violating law and ethic, to enable further deployment of voting
systems concluded insecure by government study, is problematic as setting
inappropriate precedent for national security. Other state follows
California, and the bill in its current form is a nod toward security
deficient, over-priced voting systems. The vendors are knowledgeable
regarding their current “ lock-in “ of the market, and are
opportunistically price-gauging. This bill caters to that scheme.

Respectfully submitted,
Brent Turner
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