[beyond-licensing] More Principles and Practices

Karl Fogel kfogel at red-bean.com
Wed Jul 27 18:48:20 UTC 2016

"O'Brien, Duane" <duobrien at paypal.com> writes:
>On the 7/19 call we talked about another lens to apply to the concept
>of Principles and Practices. I’ll do my best to represent it here for
>The idea was to look at the way projects handle different aspects of
>their project and look for specific examples of how projects have
>handled these aspects, with the observed outcome. This way we could
>provide sound recommendations based on past experience.
>We looked at 5 things.
>Decision Making and Governance
>Contributor Relationships
>User Relationships
>Sponsor Relationships
>Vendor Relationships
>Not all projects will have sponsor or vendor relationships, and there
>may be some overlap in relationship types. But this could serve as a
>starting point to go find some examples and break them down.
>Thoughts, Opinions, Ideas, Examples?

Regarding "Sponsor Relationships" and "Vendor Relationships":

Our company drafted a "Commercial Code of Conduct" for commercial entities who want to participate in a FOSS project that is a client of ours.  We intended the code of conduct to be usable by other projects as well -- the client is fine with this, of course -- so I posted it here:


(We may still make a few tweaks, but it's basically ready to use.  I think some people on this list have seen it already, and may even have given feedback.)

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