[beyond-licensing] More Principles and Practices

O'Brien, Duane duobrien at paypal.com
Wed Jul 27 01:36:41 UTC 2016

On the 7/19 call we talked about another lens to apply to the concept of Principles and Practices. I'll do my best to represent it here for discussion.

The idea was to look at the way projects handle different aspects of their project and look for specific examples of how projects have handled these aspects, with the observed outcome. This way we could provide sound recommendations based on past experience.

We looked at 5 things.

Decision Making and Governance
Contributor Relationships
User Relationships
Sponsor Relationships
Vendor Relationships

Not all projects will have sponsor or vendor relationships, and there may be some overlap in relationship types. But this could serve as a starting point to go find some examples and break them down.

Thoughts, Opinions, Ideas, Examples?

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