[License-review] Resubmission of the European Space Agency Public Licenses (ESA-PL) for approval

Pamela Chestek pamela.chestek at opensource.org
Wed Oct 30 00:40:27 UTC 2019

It was brought to my attention that the ESA Public Licenses, as 
submitted here: 
were never acted upon by the OSI. I extend the OSI's apologies for the 

I have reviewed the threads and have a few questions about the licenses. 
There are separate threads for the three licenses and I'll raise my 
questions there.

Best regards,

Pamela Chestek
Open Source Initiative
Chair, Licensing Committee

On 3/12/18 9:56 PM, Bruce Perens wrote:
> Hi Carsten,
> I've reviewed the ESA licenses about 10 days ago. Patrice also had a 
> question. You haven't engaged either of us. It seems to me that most 
> of the issues I saw worked to ESA's disadvantage rather than everyone 
> else's. For example, 7.1 and 7.2 essentially negate themseves except 
> for the rare case that there is already a court ruling determining 
> infringement, and ESA says "You should acquire the respective rights 
> or modify the Software so that the Modification is non-infringing" 
> which in my country really only should come from one's own lawyer.
> Do you wish to respond to any of the comments, or should we make 
> recommendations on the basis of the license text as it stands?
>     Thanks
>     Bruce Perens
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