[License-review] ESA-PL Weak 2.3

Bruce Perens bruce at perens.com
Mon May 7 20:15:50 UTC 2018

Hi Carsten,

Your responses offer to correct an obvious error in the license and punt
all of the other issues, offering to clarify them in a FAQ rather than to
go back to the lawyers for more drafting. I understand that lawyers and
drafting are expensive and that you'd like to go forward with these
licenses right away, without having to iterate on the text with an outside
party. And indeed, most of the flaws in the license are more harmful to
your own organization than otherwise. But because they can become issues of
argument in court, which is expensive, they are also potentially harmful to
developers who use this license. Having spent well over half a Million
dollars in court on an Open Source issue, I know just how expensive it can

So, because of this reluctance to go back to the lawyers, I'd have to say
that my opinion so far is "meh". I don't strongly reject approval of the
license, but neither do I see a need to speak in its favor.


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