[License-review] Support for SSPL v2

Greg Luck greg at hazelcast.com
Thu Dec 13 01:23:40 UTC 2018


I wanted to offer our support to SSPL v2. In our opinion, applying a copyleft provision to those providing the software as a service by a Cloud Provider is a great idea, and within the spirit of the original intent of copyleft. 

There is a great need in the open source community for a license that places obligations on service wrappers. Cloud Providers as we know them now did not exist when the open source movement came into being. It is a special case.

Having a license that many can accept has the benefit of saving each copyright owner coming up with their own novel approach. Some of these approaches, like the Commons Clause rider, are not open source, yet the copyright owners claim they are. The OSI has an important role to play here in providing an OSI  approved license that places obligations on those who take open source software and simply turn it into a service. 

We like SSPL and I hope it gets approved. 


Greg Luck
CTO, Hazelcast, Inc.
350 Cambridge Ave #100, Palo Alto, CA 94306 USA 

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