[License-review] Hooyami License Version 1.0 for Approval

Carlo Piana osi-review at piana.eu
Thu Jul 27 13:45:40 UTC 2017


I don't mean to be rude, but the rationale for this license seems quite
far fetched. Have you consulted an open source legal professional,
before submitting, or are yourself one? Your statement that, using
similar (hundreds of them) licenses, people are not able to do what open
source is supposed to do is puzzling at best, but it is entirely
possible that I have misunderstood you.

I also note that you have inserted an explicit patent license with
capitalized terms like "Contributor" or "You", but those terms are not
defined elsewhere. It looks like it has been cut and pasted from another
license (Apache).

I don't see this license being obviously contrary to the OSD, but at a
cursory reading it fails some minimal quality acceptance criteria.
Moreover, it presents no non-proliferation rationale. 

As such, my humble opinion is that for the time being it shall be

With best regards,

Carlo Piana

On 27/07/2017 12:14, nicklaus yap wrote:
> Hello. My name is nicklaus yap ken yik. The reason I am sending this
> message is to get my license approve under open source. Any feedback
> on improvement of this license is also appreciated. 
> Hooyami License Version 1.0 is the same as other open source license
> which give people the right to use, copy, share, distribute, modify
> their source code and binary form. The only thing this license address
> is to make it clear about relicensing the source code and binary form
> compare to other open source license. Many other open source license
> do not state clearly about this which let people to abuse it by
> copying the source code and binary form and putting it in other open
> source project and changing the license when there are not the
> original contributor or author. The effect is most open source project
> cannot use that source code and binary form for their own purpose
> which is the main reason of open source. 
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