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Mon Jan 9 17:26:03 UTC 2017

Why are you guys trying so hard to not approving my license?

Octopus License is 100% correct and valid in front of laws, and I will
prove it to you all.

Octopus License allows modification to the software be copyrighted by their
authors and need not follow the licensing terms described in the license
BUT! with the condition of providing the new terms  are clearly indicated
on the first page of each file where they apply. All these things are
optional, as the license uses the phrase "...may be.."

I have payed a lot of money to lawyers to fully check the license (in
copyright laws, licesing, etc...), because I am not English-native, the
lawyers that I payed to were, of course, English-native. So, refusing my
open source license will waste my effort and money.

You allows forgot that Octopus License has something that none of available
copyfree licensess have, which is "clearity". Octopus License - Mentions
that the terms apply to associated files and documentations will fall under
the license.
- And it also has a very necessary part of describing warrenty, which is

Please help me OSI by approving my open source license, so I can
collaborate in a better way by using Atlassian products for opensource
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