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Lawrence Rosen lrosen at rosenlaw.com
Fri Jan 22 00:32:01 UTC 2016

McCoy and others, it isn't fair for me to keep pointing to my own licenses
as if they are the only examples. Below are the equivalent patent provisions
from the Open Web Foundation
<http://www.openwebfoundation.org/legal/the-owf-1-0-agreements/owfa-1-0/> .
Various large companies and individuals participated in its drafting.
(Unfortunately neither Oracle nor Intel wanted to participate at the time on
our committee.)  As far as I know, FSF has no quarrel with this type of
industry FOSS agreement for software standards. Perhaps you can borrow from
it for your own license? /Larry 



3.1.1. The Promise.  I, on behalf of myself and my successors in interest
and assigns, irrevocably promise not to assert my Granted Claims against you
for your Permitted Uses, subject to the terms and conditions of Section 3.1.
This is a personal promise directly from me to you, and you acknowledge as a
condition of benefiting from it that no rights from me are received from
suppliers, distributors, or otherwise in connection with this promise. This
promise also applies to your Permitted Uses of any other specifications
incorporating all required portions of the Specification.


8.4.  Granted Claims.  "Granted Claims" are those patent claims that I own
or control, including those patent claims I acquire or control after the
Date below, that are infringed by Permitted Uses. Granted Claims include
only those patent claims that are infringed by the implementation of any
portions of the Specification where the Specification describes the
functionality causing the infringement in detail and does not merely
reference the functionality causing the infringement.


8.6.  Permitted Uses.  "Permitted Uses" means making, using, selling,
offering for sale, importing or distributing any implementation of the
Specification 1) only to the extent it implements the Specification and 2)
so long as all required portions of the Specification are implemented.
Permitted Uses do not extend to any portion of an implementation that is not
included in the Specification.


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