[License-review] Approval: BSD + Patent License

Tzeng, Nigel H. Nigel.Tzeng at jhuapl.edu
Thu Jan 21 14:01:29 UTC 2016

Why is UPL not good enough for folks and how does BSD + PL better address
any concerns folks had with UPL 2 years ago?

What can Intel do with BSD+PL that it cannot do with UPL (MIT+PL)?

I think these are two very basic questions for which I have seen no
answers or even discussion.

On 1/20/16, 7:18 PM, "License-review on behalf of J Lovejoy"
<license-review-bounces at opensource.org on behalf of
opensource at jilayne.com> wrote:

>First of all, thanks to McCoy for taking the time to draft this license,
>present it to OSI, and follow-up here so diligently.
>I¹d also like to add my support for this license.  We too have seen a
>need for a permissive open source license that includes an acceptable
>explicit patent grant and is compatible with GPLv2; what McCoy has
>drafted seems to hit all these needs. I hope to see the OSI accept this
>to its list.

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