[License-review] NOSA 2.0

Richard Fontana fontana at opensource.org
Thu Feb 4 20:01:43 UTC 2016

I am going to just start going through the license by way of posts to
this list. I hope no one minds this approach (and I'll abandon it if
it becomes unworkable for whatever reason). I will use the version
submitted in February 2015 (which I believe was the same as that
originally submitted in 2013, although Bryan offered to tweak certain
aspects of the license in response to some commentary on the list).

The license starts out with this:



This open source agreement (“Agreement”) defines the rights of use,
reproduction, modification and redistribution of certain software
released by the United States Government (“Government”) as represented
by the Government Agency listed below (“Government Agency”).  The
United States Government, as represented by Government Agency, is an
intended third-party beneficiary of all subsequent redistributions of
the Subject Software.  Anyone who uses, reproduces, modifies or
redistributes the Subject Software, as defined herein, or any part
thereof, is, by that action, accepting in full the responsibilities
and obligations contained in this Agreement.

Government Agency: ______________________________________________________ 
Government Agency Original Software Designation: _____________________________
Government Agency Original Software Title & Ver. No. : _________________________
Government Agency Point of Contact: ________________________________________
User Registration Requested.  Please Visit http://________________________________


So, no issues with anything there, leaving aside the definition of
'Subject Software' which I'll get to in some subsequent post. :)


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