[License-review] For approval - Russian Permissive Free Software Licence

Vladimir Slyshchenkov vaslys at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 16 11:03:21 UTC 2014



This is to formally submit for OSI License Review a new FOSS license,
Russian Permissive Free Software Licence (RSL). A plain text copy of the
license in Russian and English is attached. There is explanation on
application of the license before the terms and conditions, this explanation
is not part of the license text. 


The license was drafted by me upon my own initiative, the drafting process
and the drafts of the license were open for discussion by the FOSS community
in Russia. The public discussion forums (in Russian):
http://www.siberium.ru/web/community/blog and
http://www.pcweek.ru/foss/forum/forum32/topic7576/. My presentation (in
Russian) on legal issues of FOSS and the prospects of a Russian FOSS license
made at Russian Open Source Summit (April 2013):
http://www.pcweek.ru/foss/conference/ross2013/slyshhenkov.pdf . 


Supporting data: 


1.      Rationale: The license represents a legal document specifically
drafted under Russian law in order to facilitate distribution of free and
open software mostly in the Russian legal environment. It is submitted that
compared to various popular licenses drafted under US law (or under laws of
other countries) the RSL could be easier accepted and applied by Russian
developers and software users. The license shall contribute to smooth
implementation of principles of FOSS into specific legal system and legal
practice in Russia. Such effective implementation could be better achieved
by way of a license which contains legal terminology, legal devices and
approaches generally known to the Russian public. The RSL is hence made
bilingual, in Russian and English. The license aims not to replace other
FOSS licenses (this is often practically or legally impossible) but to
provide a clearer legal framework and additional  opportunities for
development of FOSS in Russia. 

2.      Distinguish: The RSL is a permissive, not copyleft, license. The
license provides for free redistribution and access to the source code, and
allows modifications and derivative works (sections 1.1, 1.2 and 2.3). But
the license does not request the program remains free and open when

3.      Legal review: There was no legal review or analysis of this license
made by third parties. 

4.      Proliferation category:  Special purpose licenses. 


Thanks in advance for your evaluation and feedback, comments or amendments
to the license. 



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